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image1 LLC is a professional network of healthcare professionals and patients working together for community wellness. These include doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, therapists, and coaches who work as a team to address the social determinants of allergies and asthma - SoDA

SoDA has a five-pronged approach to your environment, nutrition, fitness, green spaces, stress therapy / life-counseling. 

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Photo: Allergy and asthma patient and breast cancer survivor Julie E. crochets blankets and  creates hypoallergenic jewelry. hopes that Julie will continue to teach her art so others may benefit from this therapeutic work.



Lower Merion School District nurses and administrators are aware of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology endorsed School Asthma Management Program -SAMPRO tool kit introduced to them by Dr. Khan.

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Dr. Khan participates in community health fairs, organizes Asthma screenings, participates in 5K runs for community and nonprofit organizations and lectures on asthma and allergies. 

Dr. Khan teaches one to four week Clinical Electives in Allergy and Asthma to medical students and residents from Jefferson, Temple, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and premedical students from the College of William & Mary and University of St. Andrews (Scotland). She is a Faculty Mentor in the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and member of the Core Rotation Curriculum Committee. 

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Photo: Dr. Khan hosting Ms. Valerie Biden at the Spring 2017 conference of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America.

Pakistani American doctor serves Refugees in Pakistan

Community Work


Camp yar hussain, Pakistan

Camp Yar Hussain in Swabi District, was home to 32,000 Internally Displaced Persons escaping persecution by Taliban. An archaeological treasure, Swabi was the heart of the Gandhara Indus Valley Civilization. Alexander the Great in his eastward quest crossed the River Indus at this point. Now a six lane M1 highway connects Islamabad with Peshawar, passing through Swabi. Established in May 2009 Camp Yar Hussain was run cooperatively  by NGOs and governmental agencies to provide shelter, food, water, and health care to refugees. It was closed in July 2009.

Photo: Dr. Meher Khan with Lady Health Visitor and Basic Health Unit Physician

Working with an ngo

(Translation of Interview)

International Medical Corp (IMC) provided 24/7 primary health care, antenatal/postnatal checks, wound care, oral rehydration therapy (ORT), psychosocial support and medicines. Common issues were gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, depression, anemia and myasthenia. IMC sustained it's efforts through education and vocational training of local community Lady Health Visitors (Community Health Workers) who often were first - responders as well as the liaison between patients, families, doctors, pharmacists, counselors and administrative personnel thereby ensuring continuity of care.  Direct and indirect morbidity due to breakdown of public health systems was rampant.



The College of william & Mary

Dr. Khan mentors pre-medical students, holds mock interviews, reviews resumes and supervises Asthma and Allergy clinical electives and 'shadow days'. 

“Similar to jogging, when one learns endurance over time and then lets go of actually running to instead give in to the movement, to run the distance; my hope is that the WLS provides the springboard from which these exceptional women will experience personal values that orient them as leaders in their communities."  - Dr. Meher Khan. "Can Women Have It All?"  Women's Leadership Summit, College of William and Mary March 2016.




Partners in Health Engage promotes awareness, advocacy, and fund raising events for Boston-based non profit organization Partners in Health whose co -founders Dr. Paul Farmer, Ophelia Dahl and Dr. Jim Kim have done pioneering work for the most vulnerable in Malawi, Rwanda, Haiti, Lesotho, Peru, and remote places where health care is limited or barely exists.

"Health is a human right"

Photo: Dr. Meher Khan with Dr. Paul Farmer at PSCOM Hershey, Pennsylvania.



the Maria Toorpakai Foundation

A non profit foundation that envisions empowering women through sports in under-served areas.

“For every woman and child of war and  

oppression struggling to play and learn  

in peace, may our work help light your  

paths to freedom.”  -Maria Toorpakai Wazir

Photo: MTF Board of directors, New York 2017