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Please bring all your prior records, lab tests, reports, allergy and lung function tests

What To Expect:

Allergy Evaluation by history and examination and testing.
Discussion of treatment options.
Partnership between patient and physician regarding management plan.

Skin Testing:
Abstain from Antihistamines (Allegra, Zyrtec, Benadryl, Claritin, Cold and Cough medicines, Zantac, antihistamine nasal sprays and skin creams) 72-96 hours prior to skin testing. Do not come on an empty stomach. A light meal is recommended.

Allergen Immunotherapy:
Take your antihistamine on the day of shot (within 24 hours for once a day antihistamines). Your primary MD has to be advised to take you off  'beta blocker' type of  Blood Pressure medicines during the entire period of allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots).

Pulmonary Function Test:
Do not use asthma inhalers 24 hours prior to this test.

No prep needed.

Oral Food and Medicine Challenges (Gold standard test for food allergy):
Stop antihistamines 72 hours. The suspect food is measured, prepared and administered in incremental doses every 20-30 minutes per AAAAI/ACAAI guidelines. If reactive, most symptoms are mild (flushing, hives) and are treatable in the office. Expected office visit is 2-3 hours.

Post Procedure:
Allergen Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots):Wait in office for 30 minutes after shots are administered.
Inform staff about health, local reaction from previous shots, any 'late' reactions to the shot prior to receiving allergen immunotherapy at each visit.

Allergy Skin Testing:
Call our office immediately for systemic reactions to skin testing or allergy shots OR go to nearest emergency room immediately OR call 911.

Important: If you have been prescribed an EPIPEN or equivalent, carry it at all times and know how and when to use it. If you have been prescribed an albuterol MDI or other 'rescue' inhaler carry it with you at all times. Check expiry dates.

Please read Privacy Practice in the Schedule section of this website. You will be required to sign a HIPAA form for your initial visit. You may download the form, sign and bring it to your initial visit.

Forms for your First Visit (please email, fax, mail, or drop off at least 48 hours prior to your first visit)

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Consent Forms to Bring to your First Visit

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Consent Form for Allergen Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots)

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Consent Form for Flu Shot

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Our Office Information

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Optional Forms

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Medical Student and Medical Resident Elective Info

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Billing Information

We have contracted with Innovative Medical Solutions  (IMS) Inc. to submit claims for you. You are responsible for co-payments and deductibles. You are responsible for ensuring that Referrals are submitted 48 hours prior to your visit or you will be responsible for charges for your visit. You may contact IMS Inc. with billing inquiries toll free at: (877) 698-1700. Contact Pam Meyers (Ext 102) Email:
For patients without insurance coverage, payment is expected at time of service via cash, check, credit card or health service account. A weekly or monthly payment plan can be set up on written request.
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